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Increase your ROI by up to 227% by optimising your ecommerce process, driving conversion rate performance.

Ecommerce process

Specialist CRO Consultancy 

Our specialist conversion rate optimisation service helps e-commerce retailers and brands increase the value of their paid and organic reach.  This supports a sustainable boost in their conversion rate through an intelligent, commercially-led approach that understands your market positioning, as well as the end-user experience and journey.

Our strategic process allows for research and understanding of your current position, understanding and interpreting your users’ behaviour and journey, before recommending and implementing solutions and enhancements.


On-Site Behaviour

Using biometric data we can identify pain points in your user journey and optimise them to allow for a seamless experience.

We look at this by channel to understand journeys wherever they are referred from.


Sales Funnel Analysis

By understanding your sales funnel, we can suggest ways to remove or reduce touch-points, enabling visitors to find what they need and check out in as few steps as possible.


User Experience (UX)

We help uncover pain points in your website's experience, helping to optimise visitor journeys, and make recommendations to achieve a higher rate of conversions, both for transactions and goals.


Commercial Insights

Your industry and commercial landscape helps to identify off-site conversion rate road blocks, from stock availability to pricing and value-adds.

By combining a strategic, commercial approach with traditional CRO methodologies, helps support a sustainable growth in conversion rate.


Design Capabilities

Our in-house team of designers can produce enhanced designs to improve a user's journey.

From re-imagining the user journey to simplifying your checkout, we can support deployment of new strategies and designs to your site.


A/B Testing

Split testing allows for a more effective test-and-see approach for enhancements, allowing the opportunity to understand how your visitors react and respond to differing layouts and cues.

Strategy & Process

With an added consultative layer to CRO, we help you make informed, data-driven decisions enabling you to deliver smarter growth to improve your e-commerce performance.

Discovery & Analysis

CRO is a complex deliverable as it relies on a number of factors across the business in order to improve. Our flagship model takes a holistic view of the business covering;

  • Commercial proposition
  • On-site journey
  • Pain and pressure points
  • Analytics and data
By spending time to discover, enables solid deliverables to be curated and an effective deployment plan to address and optimise the store.


CRO objectives and deliverables are derived from a thorough understanding of the business processes, from the typical user experience and customer journey, through to the operations and logistics of the store.

A combination of design and development achieves optimisation for the on-site experience, alongside an effective consultancy for the back-office enables specific deliverables to be crafted, creating solid objectives which can be measured and achieved.


HikeCRO’s expert consultants work alongside your team across the business to achieve the set objectives and deliverables.

Working to an agreed timetable, implementation takes the form of:

  • Project planning based on complexity
  • Testing and user sampling
  • Feedback and adjustments
  • Monitoring and reporting

Ecommerce optimisation

For retailers, on-site experience and journey is the development side to CRO. Alongside, there’s also an opportunity to optimise the wider ecommerce business, considering commercials, logistics and other pressure points that retailers face.

Together, an effective on-site experience and an optimised store leads to a significantly higher return, while also achieving a streamlined business process optimisation strategy to help scale and grow your online business.


Commercial Proposition

From pricing strategy to value proposition, we craft an approach that fits your market and supports your objective whilst crafting your USPs.


Suggestive Selling

Using business intelligence (BI) strategies to highlight trending products to ensure your remain in-stock for popular items, reducing bounce and visitor churn.


Market Positioning

Understanding your audience is key to a high conversion. Audience profiling and positioning your store to meet the needs of your customer leads to an increased conversion and spend.


Pressure Points

Aside from an effective journey, most retailers suffer pressure points in their business processes. Discovering and addressing these relieves those pressures.


Business Process Optimisation

Streamlining your business processes (BPO) delivers a leaner, scalable online business, helping to meet the needs of your customer, while making lighter work of the retail operation.


Marketing Spend Review

Reduce ad-spend wastage by understanding your paid traffic's landing pages and journeys, supporting decisions to remove and optimise individual marketing channels.

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Case Studies

  • 41%+

    In conversion rate for a UK-based fashion retailer

  • 562%+

    In ROI from channel attribution for an online retailer

  • £4.76

    Reduction in net CoS following business process optimisation

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Plans & Pricing

Performance Based

Ideal for smaller businesses, our performance-based solution alleviates risk, with no fixed costs, simply pay a portion of the uplift.

Fixed Term

Suited to larger projects, we work with you over time to refine and grow your conversion rate and support with your BPO strategies.

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